For starters, I can’t begin to count how many skincare products I’ve used over the years to try and keep up with the constantly changing Midwest temperatures, from the brutally hot summers to frigid winters and the surprise forecasts in between, I needed a reliable and consistent skincare companion. Having ample boxes full of every product you can imagine, I was still searching for an organically derived brand that was gentle on my skin and offered a long-lasting heavenly glow. Do you ever over complicate or think too hard about something? My natural tendencies were to do just that even when it came to my skin. 

It took me a trip across the world to realize I was over complicating my skincare regimen. Upon my return from Japan, I brought back rare Japanese oils that transformed my skin. The luscious oils found in Halo Glow products are rich in antioxidants and are prized among Japan’s finest skincare routines. From the help of these ingredients, I was able to create a trio of products that worked with my sensitive skin. Halo Glow products are perfectly formulated to keep up with any demanding schedule. Life is filled with so many blessings let your clear, beautiful skin be one of them and let your halo shine.



Founder Angel Nardolillo, of Upstate New York, is an engineering graduate from the University at Buffalo. She began her skincare quest when she was in the midst of her graduate studies while working many hours per week and taking frequent international business trips. Her days would start in the wee hours of the morning and would not cease until nightfall. Between the fluctuating time zones and erratic weather, her skin was desperate for redemption. It was during her two month stay in Japan where she was exposed to the fascinating culture and historical secrets embedded throughout the magnificent land. Having been walked through the complete Japanese Skin Care Routine, she learned about the Wild Japanese coconut and other game changing skincare ingredients. During her trip she followed the 10 step skincare routine which transformed her skin! The series of steps worked wonders on her sensitive skin, but were not practical to incorporate into a busy schedule. With some time and experimentation she was able to develop duel acting products that covered the large spectrum of the 10 step skincare regimen. Bringing these balanced botanicals back to her home, she was able to formulate products with lasting improvements. The use of these products will make you instantly believe in your skin. 

The aim of her line is to combine the wide array of skincare steps into a few double-acting products that will slim down the skincare routine time without sacrificing the beauty benefits of each step.  The story of Halo Glow began when Angel experienced the quick and easy absorption of the Japanese coconut oil for herself. Having struggled with extremely sensitive and dry skin, she was inspired to formulate a responsible skincare line with gentle ingredients derived from nature and that are all cruelty free. She has since introduced a variety of all natural products and continues to grow the brand every day.