Heavens Touch Face Towel




We coddle our skin when it comes to certain aspects of our routine, from using the right products, to diligently patting on eye cream. But there’s a daily step that can become a likely culprit for irritation if used the wrong way; it’s simply the towel used to dry the skin after cleansing.

Many use standard towels, as an abrasive tool, often without realizing it. When we finish washing our face, we aggressively drag them across the skin, almost as a makeshift exfoliant, to wipe all the water away with vigor. That daily repeated friction of the rough towel, strips the skin of essential oils, leading to dryer, more irritated skin. Heavens Touch feels like silk on your skin; made from plant fibers that are delicate enough for the most sensitive skin and are antibacterial, combining multiple benefits into one towel. Give your skin a heavenly touch with this soft and absorbent layer.