Angel Eyes




Angel Eyes lightweight vegan eye serum is vitamin F infused. Known for skin-barrier strengthening from the essential fatty acids found in rose hip the main ingredient in Angel Eyes. The silky formula helps minimize the appearance of expression lines while hydrating the eye region to reduce visible signs of fatigue from hydrating Hyaluronic acid. It protects the eyes’ delicate skin from dehydration and helps visually reduce the appearance of under-eye dark shadows. Angel Eyes is fortified with luxury borage seed oil and will leave your eyes with a heavenly look. Borage seed oil has been clinically proven to repair and rebuild skin health on a cellular level to protect, rejuvenate, and repair the delicate area around the eyes. Let the halos around your eyes shine!

Key Ingredients: Rose Oil, Organic Jojoba, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Shea, Carrot